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A story by HYPE Fotocredits @michellepiergoelam

We travel around as a pop-up shop based in the Netherlands. We collect vintage and antique rugs, hand selected from all origins
and time periods. More than 800 unique used rugs are available in our showroom.
I am Avril, together with my partner Sergej we're HYPE

We're HYPE.

What started as an emergency solution by losing our jobs has grown into the largest vintage oriental carpet collection in the Netherlands. Both of us had a passion for the aesthetic of the Persian carpet at a young age. Our collection started mainly for personal use. Made possible by anti-squat living in large spaces. This is because we both have a preference for vacant buildings.

Our entire collection is professonal cleaned

As of 2013, we will be moving our collection from city to city as an anti-squat pop-up shop, thereby fighting against vacancy. We use the costs that are saved on expensive permanent rental properties for innovation that benefits our customers. Now I can proudly announce that we have only been offering professional cleaned carpets for the past year. 

The largest selection of old oriental carpets in the Netherlands

HYPE has the largest collection of used rugs in the Netherlands. We like to share our knowledge and passion for the oriental carpet. That makes every visit to our showroom worthy. Especially for the carpet enthusiast

Our current collection also can be viewed fully online at the Dutch Marketplace called Marktplaats and ordered worldwide. In addition to ordering, our showroom in Delft can be visited by appointment. A visit to our showroom is always accompanied by personal attention with appropriate advice within every budget.Very soon we will open our second location in Gouda. More about or products can be found below.


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If you have any questions about us, please fill in the contact form and we will email you back soon. We are ready for you and every type of project, big or small.
ots of love, Sergej & Avril team HYPE